Jan. 15th, 2017

Rolled up my first new D&D character in about 18 months tonight! Yeats' homebrew campaign finished with...well, astonishingly, without a bang last week. Given that we left three separate cities in a state of rebellion and/or flaming ruin, he fully expected us to end the campaign on that note as well. But when the ancient blue dragon explained that he was protecting our plane from invasion by other planes, and needed a crew to travel the planes and find new worlds to befriend and new resources to help bolster our defenses, our motley group (Viranka the dwarf ranger and gunsmith, Con the half-orc gladiator-fighter, Ivlisaar the barbarian slave-freeing elf, Jack the rogue ship captain, Vroz the assassin orc, and Chaac the dragonborn cookie-baking cleric) all said "That sounds awesome!". And so the last action in the campaign, until such time as Yeats feels like DMing again, was to argue whether the planes-traveling ship we were to use would be named the Emerald Horizon, or the Con, NO!

A is DMing this time around, and has adapted 5th-edition D&D rules to the world of the Witcher video game/novels--in this case, about 250 years after the events of The Witcher 3. Yeats is playing a Skellige witcher with some points in bard. I am playing a sorceress named Dagmara who sets things on fire. I have almost exclusively played chaotic good characters who serve as the party's conscience before this, so as Yeats and I were penciling in details...

Yeats: So what's your alignment?
Me: Well, I mean, she'll help people. As long as she gets helped first.
Yeats: Okay.
Me: I mean, she wouldn't just set...um...
Yeats: What?
Me: I was about to say "she wouldn't just set things on fire to watch them burn". But she might.
Yeats: ...ooookay.
Me: Hey, when has that member of the Order of the Flaming Rose ever done anything to benefit her?
Yeats: ...chaotic neutral, then.

This is going to be delightful. And Yeats painted me a mini, which is lovely. Also, the dice were kind, and Dagmara has a 20 in Charisma, an 18 in Dexterity (fits in with the Urchin background I'm coloring in for her) and at the lowest, a 12 in Wisdom. Whatever monsters, human or otherwise, we find will not know what hit them.



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