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Back! And alive! Also, I am sick of cars, and I never want to live in Florida, it is flat and weird.

Friday's flight out of Philly left on time (I kept a gimlet eye on the departures board, and probably scared some of my fellow passengers), I got to TN and spent the night with my folks, then Mama and I headed down to Georgia on Saturday morning. We stopped on impulse at a tiny little place in a tiny little town because we reasoned that someplace called The Biscuit Box might indeed have excellent biscuits. We were correct! It took almost six hours to get to Macon (as opposed to the usual four) due to traffic, but we made it. Z and Abs were unspeakably delighted to have Aunt Grey all to themselves. I chased them around the neighborhood playground, read three storybooks to Abs and did all appropriate voices, helped Z with his spelling and then let him show me how to play Minecraft, took Abs shopping for an Easter dress (it took me, Sil, and Mama to get her into those things, but she was so cute OMG) and snuck in some conversation and beer time with Geek Brother and Sil. We stayed over on Sunday, then waved the kids off to school Monday morning and hit the road for another four hours to Florida.

Grandmother lives in an older, but still very nice assisted-living place. They have an excellent Alzheimer's unit that took good care of my grandfather, and a good nursing home facility for folks who need around-the-clock care, and they have assured Grandmother and us that there will be a place for her wherever she needs to be for as long as she needs it. Her unit is tiny--living area, wee kitchen, one bathroom, bedroom--but it's big enough for her and her nonchalant cat, Louie. Louie is very chill, and climbed on my lap a few times. We were there for three days. We got to see my Aunt G, walk along the beach and dip our toes in the surf, talk about Grandfather, see some friends I hadn't seen in years, and in general have girl time. Granted, this meant that I ate several facility-provided meals ("Oh, it's ham steak day? With Dole pineapple and a baked sweet potato? Grandmother, you shouldn't have."), bit my tongue hard when politics came up, had to sneak-tip the dear IHOP waitress after Grandmother tipped her exactly ten percent on the breakfast bill, and watched a movie about saving your marriage through the power of Christian prayer without snarking once...but I love my grandmother. Although that movie may require a rant/deconstruction post of its own.

Four hours back to GA on Thursday, where we picked up dinner for Geek Brother and family as a thank you for letting us invade their spare room. Four more hours back to TN on Friday morning. I spent most of Friday doing laundry and reading on the porch, soaking up the feeling of not being in a moving vehicle. Then, up at 4am to catch a 6am flight, back in Philly and in the car with Yeats by 8, and down to GriffinCon in VA! Not too many sales (darned poor college students), but a lot of interest in the upcoming audio book, plus Yeats got to judge the costume contest and give away an ARC of Stillbright. Back home on Monday, back to work yesterday, and now, today, I am almost caught up!

And my husband, my dear husband, whom I love and am happy to be back home with...you survived without me for 27 years. Please explain how you managed to do no laundry, leave every piece of mail in a tottering heap on the kitchen table, "forgot" to put any Tupperware away, neglected to vacuum or de-cat-hair the furniture, and in general apparently did nothing but play "Mass Effect" and send sad texts about how much you missed me ALL WEEK LONG? Don't ask me why I'm so stressed after getting back from a long vacation. YOU KNOW WHY. Now come help me fold your damn boxers.

Reading Log: vN by Madeline Ashby; Chapel of Ease by Alex Bledsoe; Javelin Rain by Myke Cole; Blight by Alexandra Duncan; Chimera by Mira Grant; Wintersong by S. Jae-Jones; Magic for Nothing by Seanan McGuire; The Body Electric by Beth Revis; The Rising by Ian Tregillis; The Shadow Throne by Django Wexler
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