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Hectic morning at Casa Yeats-Grey (I to work, Yeats to a friend's dad's services), but we paused for 2.5 minutes to watch the Dark Tower trailer.

Yeats: Okay, that looks pretty great!
Me: ...*heavy breathing*...
Yeats: What is it with you and Idris Elba?
Me: ...did you hear him recite the gunslinger mantra omg my body is ready...
Yeats: Do you even need me to see this movie with you?
Me: Someone's going to need to pass me handkerchiefs whenever I weep.

IT LOOKS SO AMAZING. ALL OF IT. Also, who knew that apparently Matthew McConaughey was born to play the incarnation of cruel and chaotic discord? You think you know a guy. Also also, it's interesting that the trailer is framing the story as more of a portal fantasy, with Jake as the viewpoint character drawn into Mid-World, rather than beginning the story with Roland tracking through the ruins of moved-on Mid-World and Jake the unexpected stranger. Yeats pointed out that this was probably so they could set the majority of the film in "reality", and if it does well and the TV series materializes, it will probably be set mainly in Mid-World (and all the other worlds, so many other worlds than these!). I also think if that's the way it goes, they should smush The Drawing of the Three and The Waste Lands together into a first season and just throw the ka-tet together and into adventures.

House-buying adventure update, we had the inspection yesterday. Good news is, most everything is in pretty darn good shape, with just a few things (the threat of ants, a couple of cheap pipes that will need replacing, some minor issues with the back porch) that would need dealing with soonish. Bad news is, there's the roof. The homeowner and the disclosure folks assured our realtor and us that the roof had been upgraded/fixed up in 2013 and was in excellent shape. The inspector looked at it closely, and told us that it honestly looks like the roof hasn't had any serious work done on it since the place was built in 1993, and will probably need fixing, if not outright replacing, within the next two years. Things are therefore on hold while our realtor asks some pertinent questions. If the inspector is right and the roof needs to be replaced, Yeats and I agree that, depending on what we learn, we'll either dump that on the homeowner--dude, your disclosure said there was no issue!--or offer to split the cost 50/50. This guy is eager to sell, and we and our realtor think he'll accept one or the other just so he can seal this deal. And we still really, really like the house.

Reading Log: Pornology by Ayn Carrillo-Gailey; Forever Mine by Erin Nicholas; Half-Resurrection Blues by Daniel Jose Older; The Romance Reader's Guide to Life by Sharon Pywell; Pasadena by Sherri Smith; The Chosen by J. R. Ward
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