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Someday I will not be tired, but it is not this day.

Weekend was a smash, don't get me wrong. We went to the release party--two debut authors, Yeats promoting Stillbright, and the lovely Tara with her second short-stoty collection--and it was a blast. Instead of nasty weather and people milling around an art gallery, this year it was the entire second floor of a local pub, so there was beer and cupcakes and a 14-piece swing band that actually convinced Yeats to dance. And all our friends came, because they are awesome, and we partied all night, and Mr. Kramer the audiobook narrator came and said some very complimentary things to Yeats (audiobook will be available for purchase tomorrow, btw!), and many books were sold.

And then we came home yesterday and got nothing done because we were exhausted. And I woke up this morning knowing I'd need to go to the grocery store and other errands after work and probably wouldn't get home 'till seven or later, and there's still laundry to do, and the house is a mess...

So I texted Aveline and asked for a personal day, which she was kind enough to agree to. Now I have the day to do my errands, do some cleaning, have some time that is not shared with anyone but myself (I love Yeats, but after three days of near-constant togetherness...), and maaaaybe watch the last episode of "Anne with an E", if I get enough stuff done.

House looks like it's actually happening! The roof issue is still an issue, but it does not need to be fixed immediately, there is no imminent danger of leaks or collapse or anything, so we accepted the offer of a couple K off the house price. Now, this caused some adjustments to be made in the loan, and we'll be paying another chunk of change out of pocket. But we have the funds to do so, Yeats' mom is contributing some money from an old life insurance policy, my folks have said that my birthday gift this year can be whatever monies and/or household items we may need, and every single one of our friends has offered to come help with moving, unpacking, or organizing. Because, as I mentioned, our friends are great.

I am exhausted and stressed, but in a good way, I think.

Reading Log: Little White Lies by Ace Atkins; Queen Sugar by Natalie Baszile; City of Blades by Robert Jackson Bennett; Cork Dork by Bianca Bosker; Death's Mistress by Karen Chance; Never Caught by Erica Armstrong Dunbar; Snared by Jennifer Estep; Passing Strange by Ellen Klages; Shadowshaper by Daniel Jose Older; If We Were Villains by M.L. Rio; Spill Zone by Scott Westerfeld
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