This came about due to [ profile] oxoniensis' latest Porn Battle, as well as my very definite fondness for naked Dyson, witty Kenzi, and affectionate Bo. *grins* It got too long for comment-fic, so I've posted it here. I highly recommend the entire Battle, LJ and DW, for good, hot writing all around. Smut under the cut, never say I didn't warn you. Needs Looking After )
I'm currently reading A Hat Full of Sky, by Terry Pratchett. Anyone who has never read Terry Pratchett, go read him now. Now, I say! Fantasy by way of Monty Python, making fun of all the usual fantasy cliches, and with some truly unforgettable characters. "A Hat Full of Sky" has the Nac Mac Feegle (the Wee Free Men), also known as pictsies. Pictsies are small people who are red-haired, mostly blue due to woad tattoos, and fight all the time. And talk in a Scottish brogue that the characters from Trainspotting would have trouble with. Utterly hilarious.

I've been reading [ profile] celli's "Conversations with Fictional People" dialogues and giggling hysterically. So *that's* why I can't write plausible Weiss or Lex to save my life--they're tormenting her! The only fictional character who talks to me on a regular basis is Sark, and that's only to offer to assassinate annoying library patrons. Which brightens my day a bit, but doesn't inspire fic.

And speaking of which, here is the fic I threatened you with last night, an Alias/Kill Bill crossover. I've only seen part one, so if anything is contradictory to the complete film, blame it on my ignorance. Just don't send the Bride after me?
Loyalties )
Okay, here's my day.

At my library, we were first visited by a horde of small day camp children, all of whom were checking out upwards of 20 books, half of whom had their library cards, and none of whom could carry a plastic bag without shredding it. Then came the fellow who informed us that charging fifteen cents per color copy is profiting some cruel copier-maker who no doubt enslaves women and children in his copier sweatshops. Also, that our coffee machine is contributing to the downfall of society. Then we learned (from the morning radio news, not from our boss) that the funding that we're counting on so we can make plans for a new, larger building may not come through. Grrrrrr.

Then I talk to one of my dearest friends and find out that instead of coming back and finishing her last semester of college (double major), she feels like she wants to stay in her small town and open a coffee shop. This from someone whom I love and adore, but who has never been known to get up before noon, has *no* experience running a business, and whose studies have been in psychology and history. And she sounds determined. Gah.

And finally, as I was rewatching "So It Begins" (Alias S1 ep2), a plotbunny bit. A large one, with fangs. Fortunately, writing fic works out some rage. So, please feedback! Five 'Happy' Endings That Never Were )



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